The Lord

In case you hadn't heard... God created the universe and all the creatures cute and scary and even you and me. God wanted (and continues to want) a relationship with us (humans). He gave us free will in hopes that we would choose to love Him because He loves us so much. God gave us everything we could possibly desire but warned us to stay away from evil because He knew it would only get us into trouble. In spite of how much He loves us and how many blessings He pours into our life we sinned against him and allowed ourselves to be tricked by the evil one.

God has a plan. A Master Plan. He knew how to bring us back into relationship with him. He knew the way humans work and that to properly go through this plan there should be signs of what was to come. God would show us our need for him and for the master plan, before the master plan came to earth, so we would SEE it (HIM) when it (HE) came.

So the Lord gave us a sacrifice system. By doing this we would say kill a lamb and sacrifice it to the Lord and the lamb would die for our sins. But we didn't do great with this. We made it into a way to rip poor people off. Then we started giving the sloppy seconds to the Lord. We all around messed this one up. It showed us, though, that there was a need to somehow compensate for our sins.

Then God gave us 10 rules to follow so that we could try and make better choices and have better relationships with Him, the creator of the universe. We couldn't go very long without ripping those rules to shreds and scoffing at them. But these rules gave us an idea of what God's standards were.

So, then the Master Plan comes into play. God came to earth in human form, as His SON, Jesus Christ. Jesus is God and sinless while still being fully human and fully God. Jesus healed people and told us how to love people and care for each other. So we murdered him. In the most violent death imaginable. People! Have you seen The Passion of The Christ? When we killed Him, Christ took our sins as the ultimate sacrificial lamb. When He did this, he died for our sins so that we could all be forgiven, go to heaven, and live eternity in Heaven with God.

But He also did this so we could have a relationship with God, the father. He didn't do this for the Jews. He didn't do this for the Christians. He did this for EVERYONE. That means you, me, and yes the murderers on death row. The one thing that can save us, isn't anything we can do in and of ourselves. All we have to do is accept the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. That's it. Look up to the big ole sky, kneel your lil knees on the floor, and ask the big guy to accept your sins and enter your heart. You don't have to pay any money. You don't have to follow any rules. You don't have to sacrifice an animal. You don't have to offer your firstborn, because God, the father, has already done that.

Pretty simple right? Your ticket to heaven and a life of more treasures than can fit this side of heaven... just accept Christ's sacrifice for atonement of your sins. I promise it is the one decision you will never regret.
Not all churches get it right. Not all people get it right. Don't let some person or some church turn you off the greatest savior ever to roam this earth. We all get it wrong sometimes. Let me know if you have any questions. You can email maggie at and if I don't know the answer I will find it for you. Peace!