Saturday, May 16, 2015

Superhero Birthday Party

Josiah's request for his birthday this year was for all of his friends to dress like a superhero and to go to superhero training academy. How could we deny such a brave request?

Precision Circuit :: Beanbag toss




Endurance Circuit :: Obstacle course w hulahoops, crawl under noodle tunnel, then throw noodle javelin through holes...

Speed Circuit :: Hero Hero Villian

Ammunition Circuit :: Shoot the Villian

What is a superhero party without a spiderman bounce house?

Superman Cake Table... goody bags had superhero rubber ducks, comic book, candy, other things I can't remember, plus in the engineering circuit the kids made shields out of frisbees for take homes.

Super Blowpops and water jugs have felt capes

This cake was a custom request from Publix... best part was the cannoli filling!

But lets be honest... the coolest was the posters of super siah around the room!

Here are some of the games we played and the images I used...

I printed these badges and put them in badge holders with clips for each child so they could write their name, superpower, and check off as each task was completed!
I printed these on cardstock and put one in each goodybag. It is similar to the invitation (which I won't show you since it would give you stalkers my address lol)

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