Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sensory Play :: Beans

So we have two main games that we play thus far with beans. I am researching different ways for him to play but for now these are the two standbys that he loves. I hear often "mommy play with beans. can i please play with beans." So - good news so far. I don't know what it is about these simple games that are so enjoyable to him - but who am I to fight it. His Occupational Therapist has a couple activities that are similar and I am trying to find as many ways as possible to supplement her work with him.

We took a combination of beans that I pulled out of my pantry of kidney, navy, and garbanzo beans and stuck them in a tupperware for bean sensory play.

Game 1 :: Animal Hunt

This is a game where I place all the beans in a big salad bowl. I place a small bowl across the room. I hide a number of animals in the beans. I ask him to take one out at a time, tell me what animal it is, walk across the room and place the animal in the bowl. Once he has collected all of the animals in his bowl across the room I then have him hide them one at a time - walking across the room for each one. This game can be repeated.

Game 2 :: Bean Splitting

Here I put all of the beans in a big salad bowl. I place three small bowls in front of the big bowl. I place a couple measuring scoops in the big bowl and ask him to fill the three smaller bowls. Once all three bowls are full and the big bowl is empty I ask him to start scooping the beans up and place them back in the big bowl. This game can be repeated.

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