Thursday, February 7, 2013


One year ago today I was at work. I was sitting at my desk when my phone rang in the crazy loud ringer I had given Sharon. It was like a fire alarm so I always knew to pick up if she called. I don't think I was expecting the news but as always my breath caught as I picked up the phone. Then she said it. She had some news for me. In that full breath voice she has when she is excited. My heart stopped and then started pounding like crazy. I called Bry. I called Arl. I could NOT sit still.

Bry and I went to Organic life (a christian cafe in Lutz). We had lunch and could not stop grinning. We took silly pics of our silly grins and for one day there was NOTHING that could bring us down. We had delighted ourselves in the LORD and He had clearly given us the desire of our hearts.

The days following were super emotional for me. As I read his story and grieved for him and grieved for the ones who would live a life without him, here or in heaven, wherever they may be. The full weight of his loss weighed heavily on my heart those first days. Reading the story over and over. I felt like I was living and reliving the pain he and they must have felt. It wrecked my heart.

You know what followed. We went to bring him home and he is the center of our world and the most wonderful treasure the LORD could have blessed us with. And we all lived happily ever after...

Today we we went to Organic Life for lunch with Josiah. We tried to replicate the pics we took, as you can see above. But the truth of it is the past year was the best one and we treasure every day of being a family. Thanks for those who have prayed us through!