Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back in Time :: Photos of Josiah from Before We Met Him

One of the things that always makes me smile is when I remember that Josiah was born the month we started the adoption process and the fact that we became officially adopting per USCIS the week he was brought to the orphanage. During that time we prayed for our son. We didnt know where he was or what he looked like or when we would meet him but we would pray every night. We prayed for his health, provision for his needs, to be loved on, for his heart to feel loved, for him to know we were coming for him, for God to love on him for us, for him to feel God loving on him.... To know that those prayers were always for him and about him that entire time... just always makes me smile and know God is over all of this.

It also makes me think a lot about his time before us... I was able to track down missionaries to Josiah's Orphanage and they gave me photos of him from when he was younger. So here are all the photos that I have of Josiah before we came into the picture. Try not to drool on your keyboard - apparently being scrumptiously adorable isn't a new thing for him :)

Moral of the story? Are you waiting for your referral? Pray. Pray every minute you can. Definitely pray at night. Very specific things that we prayed for Josiah have come to fruition in him. And I love that we were connected to him in that way, in the only way we could be at the time. Trust. And pray.


  1. What a precious baby! So glad you have these pictures of your little man!


  2. What treasures to have these little windows into his life as you were all waiting on one another! You're right, of course, he is such a cutie!


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