Friday, October 4, 2013

Have you met my heart?

Have you met my heart?

At 3.5 years old he is currently at 97th percentile for height and weight.

I was thinking this morning about how blessed I am by him and our journey together. I know not everyone has such a romantic adoption experience. I was thinking about the day I met him and he walked right into my arms and fell asleep safe in my arms within the first hour of our time together.

We had prayed that the LORD would whisper to him about us and that he would feel safe and know us when we met him. I know that the LORD answered that prayer. This boy... he crawled into my arms 17 months ago and hasnt left them since.

"Mommy - I need to cuddle you" is a consistent statement in our home and one I never get sick of.

His favorite games are light saber fights "lets play fighting swords" and cars. He likes to take his cars and army men and line them up in rows. He hates baths and loves tomatoes. His favorite thing to eat is peanut butter and jelly. I make his peanut butter from peanuts and his jam from berries we picked this year. He likes hats and sunglasses and enjoys clothes shopping and trying on hats.

I am in constant awe of who he is and who he is becoming. He is my heart.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Fourth

Josiah and I made him a fourth of July shirt yesterday.

We used blue fabric paint and put his hand in it to make the "star" area.

Then I took a brush with the red fabric paint to make the stripes.

Josiah is so excited about his flag tshirt and I can't wait to see him wearing it.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Year Ago Today... this was the email I sent home

Well... for those of you that emailed your prayers thank you. For
those of you waiting for an update.. well... here it is..

Yesterday we went to embassy for our interview. We had been told over
and over that these go smoothly in abandonment cases so we shouldn't
have a problem as all of our paperwork was in, which they had assured
us it was. Our appt was at 330 and we got there at 2. We sat until 445
before they called us. We went in they asked us a few questions, and
then told us that the paperwork we turned in they wanted to see the
originals of. These papers were 5 hours away at the orphanage. They
said to not return until we had them and that they would like to see
one document that we didnt even have a photocopy of or knew if it
existed (in fact it did not). So they said they could send a taxi for
the papers and try to get them today. We asked for a promise of that
but they just repeated that they would get a taxi (speaking with
ugandans is sometimes hard because they often respond as if they
didn't hear you). Our driver said "no i will go now and get them and
you will have them early in the morning for sure". (our driver is our
hero by the way and this is not the first time). I offered to go with
since I was the most familiar with the paperwork of the three adults
and he said that would be fine.

We left Kampala around 500pm and arrived in Mbale around 1030pm and
met the nun who runs the orphanage at her office. Her eyes were half
asleep but she gave me every document that she had for both of the
children, the originals.

The drive from K to M is not fun. The road isn't terrible but its very
windy and dippy (nauseating) especially through the rainforest and the
speed bumps along the highway mean that when you are traveling along
at 120km/hr all of a sudden you have to slam on your breaks to hit the
speed bumps for the coming township. Also, with one lane roads and
slow trucks there is much passing. The last time we came back on that
road we saw about a dozen accidents and even a dead body in the road.
This time I saw a dead body again but it was in a coffin going for
burial. We didn't actually see any accidents this time but had to slam
on the breaks a few times with mutantly large wild hogs running in
front of the car, stray dogs, cats, and cows. Then there are the
police stops where they ask for "tea". Though this times no bribes
were requested perhaps one half asleep mzungu didn't strike them as
the tea type. (little do they know my bags are always full of tea, not
that thats what theyre looking for. Fortunately we have an amazing
driver that protects us with his life and we trust implicitly to never
allow is in any dangerous situation. And once again we arrived home
safely with all the documents. We arrived home around 3am and woke up
at 530am to head to the lawyers office to review everything we had and
get another affidavit before heading back to embassy.

I walked into the embassy with little hope. I felt like we were going
to be stuck here forever (don't get me wrong I love it here but the
love started to fade when I felt stuck lol). After turning over the
documents she told me she would call and let me know. I said "i would
like to wait if thats ok". She said "it would be better for you if you
go and let us call you. they are doing interviews now and it could be
a while". I said "i drove 10 hours straight last night and won't sleep
a wink until we know its ok, if you approve I will wait here for the
answer. She smiled and said "yes i will make that work".

I sat down for about 5 minutes when they called me back up. She
started shoving my files back at me under the glass and I panicked
thinking it was again the wrong file. Then she smiled and said "you
can have this back. your application is approved and you can pick up
your visa tomorrow". I ran for the door with my papers and did a happy
dance outside the glass (trying to tone it down when I caught sight of
friends waiting outside that have been here since February and at this
point are still waiting for visa) and ran to j and b in the car to
tell them the good news. THAT WE ARE INDEED GOING HOME ON THURSDAY!!!!
Praise God Amen!

So, off I go to sleep (apparently 2 hours wasn't enough for me) the
boys are napping, and will give me a break tonight to sleep while they
entertain themselves. Tomorrow I get to spend the day with some
awesome people and thursday we are visiting an orphanage and then

K, B, & J - all three coming to a state near you soon

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sensory Play :: Beans

So we have two main games that we play thus far with beans. I am researching different ways for him to play but for now these are the two standbys that he loves. I hear often "mommy play with beans. can i please play with beans." So - good news so far. I don't know what it is about these simple games that are so enjoyable to him - but who am I to fight it. His Occupational Therapist has a couple activities that are similar and I am trying to find as many ways as possible to supplement her work with him.

We took a combination of beans that I pulled out of my pantry of kidney, navy, and garbanzo beans and stuck them in a tupperware for bean sensory play.

Game 1 :: Animal Hunt

This is a game where I place all the beans in a big salad bowl. I place a small bowl across the room. I hide a number of animals in the beans. I ask him to take one out at a time, tell me what animal it is, walk across the room and place the animal in the bowl. Once he has collected all of the animals in his bowl across the room I then have him hide them one at a time - walking across the room for each one. This game can be repeated.

Game 2 :: Bean Splitting

Here I put all of the beans in a big salad bowl. I place three small bowls in front of the big bowl. I place a couple measuring scoops in the big bowl and ask him to fill the three smaller bowls. Once all three bowls are full and the big bowl is empty I ask him to start scooping the beans up and place them back in the big bowl. This game can be repeated.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our Lil Soccer Player

Josiah is really enjoying his soccer league. He goes on Saturday mornings and spends an hour with other children his age learning the fundamentals of soccer and having a great time. The league he is on really impressed me with how well they relate to kids and really make every bit of it into a fun game. I really want Josiah to enjoy sports and benefit from learning how to be on a team and work with other kids, learning that practice pays off, and to be proud of himself and what he can accomplish. So the fact that they make this league so fun for the kids really makes me happy. He adores especially his main coach Miss Vanessa and literally follows her around and does whatever she tells him. If she bends down for a bit he might even sneak in a cuddle or hug. He isn't usually like that with strangers and has pretty good stranger danger so its pretty sweet when he does show his sweet self to someone he gets to know. Anyhow, what you really want to see is his cuteness... so without further ado....

my fave pic of him on his first day of practice - he was having so much fun

water break grins

trying to kick the ball towards coach vanessa as was the aiming game

learning stop airplane

stretch stretch streching

more stretching

elbows on the ball game

kick kick kicking

water breaking it

jumping over the bar with his ball with coach vanessa

and of course, the cutest boy i have ever seen with his funny little face

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Josiah's First Birthday Party :: Car Theme

We had Josiah's Birthday party last week. And let me just say what an honor it is to be this lil boy's mommy. He makes me laugh every day. He is so brilliant he often shocks me with his knowledge and memory. And it doesnt hurt that he is so stinking cute.

We gave Josiah a CARS birthday party and went homemade on pretty much everything. About 50 of our closest friends and family came to celebrate Josiah's birthday. Here is a taste:


Luigi's Casa Della Tires

Dipsticks (piroutes in chocolate butter)

Stoplight Brownies

Cakeroll Cars

Marble 3 Year Old Racetrack Birthday Cake


Centerpieces are cups with rocks and homemade flags made from bamboo skewers and checker fabric with checkered duct tape across the table

I made these stoplight balloons by tying groups of four together and layering them tied together.

Pitt passes since it was a large party and to make sure everyone getting in the bouncehouse was from our party

the movie cars playing on the projector

Relay Car Races

Race car Pics


Yes even mommy jumped for a bit with the birthday boy

Mario Kart on the widescreen

Car Painting

Temp Tattoos

Make Your Own Cupcake


Our little slugger is all ready for tball practice

His first real tricycle from GG


Someone we love (JM) built Josiah a rocker


Aunt Kelly






The Girlz


Grandpa, Grandma Connie, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Eric w birthday boy

Happy Boy

We can't wait for next year. :)