Thursday, October 4, 2012

Josiah's First Ball Game

So. This precious boy's family is full of some crazy Rays fans. And last night was the last game of the season and these crazy TB Rays fans parents brought Josiah to his first baseball game. We were psyched to see how he would respond and we were both pleased and exhausted lol.

While we had to leave at the bottom of the fourth so he wouldn't melt down too bad and disturb the other fans' game.... And there was the time Bry went for snackbribes, and J climbed into his seat wrong and his foot got stuck momentarily between the flat and back of the seat and he started screaming... People came running. We took his shoe off and his foot slipped back up..... There was also that time that Bry took him to the potty during batting practice and a ball bounced off his chair and I thanked the LORD that one didn't hit my son in the face. [Note to self - next time gloves and helmet for J lol] So it wasn't quite the storybook boy goes to baseball game with his dad (and mommy too) to watch the game. Not like I remember from when I was a little girl and my daddy took me to see the Yankees. Lets just say I will be glad Josiah is a bit older before the next Rays season. 

But aside from that it was beautiful. To see J jump up and down and clap and ring the cowbell for Longo's first, second, third homeruns lol. To watch him and daddy eating the ballpark snacks while cheering on the Rays.  To see him put his hand on his heart and listen to the national anthem (ok maybe we need to sing the american anthem as well as the ugandan anthem - but oh how we love to sing the ugandan anthem throughout the day).

And I can't wait for him to understand the game better. There is something about sitting in the ballpark amongst perfect strangers. Cheering and watching the art of the Rays. From Rodney's slightly off kilter hat and archery displays. To the cowbells throughout the stadium. [we need more cowbell]. The teamwork and camaraderie among the TBRays boys can be felt from the stands. 

I want my son to see this team that doesn't have the money and panache of the Red Sox or Yankees. That they work hard. That they use their heads. That they encourage each other. That they often beat the pants off those big teams whose money on one player is probably way more than our whole field. If the TB Rays can win and even as of recent play in the world series - that anything is possible with hard work and determination.


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