Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ways To Do Something

üAdopt A Child From the Foster Care System
üAdopt A Child Internationally
üFoster A Child
üBecome A Guardian Ad Litem
üBe A Host Family For An Orphan for 1 month
üServe in an Orphanage on a Mission Trip
üPray for an Adopting Family
üOrganize a fundraiser for an adopting family
üOrganize a fundraiser for an orphanage
üOrganize a fundraiser for an orphan ministry
üEducate Yourself on the Orphan Crisis
üPray for Families to be raised up for the fatherless
üSpread information about the Orphan Crisis
üEncourage able families to adopt
üBuy something from a store that supports orphans
üPray for a specific orphan
üMake something and send it to
üDonate items or funds to an orphanage, adopting family, or an organization that funds adoptions

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