Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This Boy... and 3 months in

So 90 days ago today this little boy walked out of the back room, walked right up to me and hugged me and climbed into my arms. I haven't let him go since... well mostly.

A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world. 4/4

90 days ago our life changed for real. He brought this new hope and light and joy to our family that I can't believe we were living without.

He is so funny. He makes me laugh so much... Today he was pretending to cry over something silly (like i didn't give him a cookie or something), so i pretended to cry super fake like back, so he made his "cry" more fake, until we were both fake wailing and laughing too much to really "cry" anymore.

He is so sweet. I just heard a noise (its 1am) so I went in to make sure he hadn't fallen off the bed (not sure if he did but when i walked in he was in the bed not on the piles of pillows next to his bed). He saw me and reached for a hug. So i snuck in and snuggled him for a minute. He wrapped his arms around me and soothed on my shirt (he used to suck his fingers and rub the cotton on the neckline of his own shirt, now he does my neckline cotton when he sucks his fingers), then he grabs my face and kisses me and goes back to sleep. MELT MY FREAKING HEART! this boy is such a little snuggle bear.

He is so smart. He is always trying to figure out how things work and loves to learn. He loves to sing. Repeat words. Read. dance (zina). he prays and grabs me and daddy to pray too. "mommy pray pray"

Things that have changed in 90 days:

  • he knows his mommy and daddy (today while waiting in the ss office we were reading jack and the beanstalk on my ipad and we saw a boy with a mommy, and he pointed to her and said "mommy" then he pointed to me and said "my mommy"
  • he speaks english so much better and only seems to speak lugisu/lugandan when he is praying or talking to joseph or if i say something in lugandan.
  • hes grown an inch or two
  • hes definitely gained a few pounds
  • his eyes stopped tearing
  • he can use a regular toilet all by himself (though needs reminding and directing and wiping)
  • he loves all kinds of foods
  • he went from hating books to loving to read and watch mommy read him books
  • he is taking shorter naps :(
  • he knows the names of some of the foods and drinks that he likes and knows to ask for them, like applesauce, pizza, pasta, applejuice
  • he knows what cartoons are and he knows when he wants them
  • he knows that if he sits in his "cartoon chair" there is a good chance that I will put one on for him
  • he is no longer afraid of dogs and will pet and kiss both chrissy and jazzy the two dogs he is around
  • he rarely says "beebus" and usually gets really close to saying "jesus"
  • he can answer these questions:
    • what is your name? Josiah Young (and he says young really loud)
    • how old are you? he holds one finger from each hand and says two (sometimes says one lol)
    • where are you from? africa
    • where do you live? fla- ree - daaa
    • where is mommy? he points at me
    • where is daddy? he says "work" even if daddy is standing right there, sometimes points at him
    • where is jesus? "in my heart" and then points at my heart and says "heart" and anyone else around afterwords
    • how are you? "i am fine"
So basically. We are in love :) and to celebrate 90 days - here is the video :)


  1. Wow. Really? 3 months, already?
    I am so happy for your little family. He is beautiful and the pictures are perfect.
    I watched this video at work and had all the dispatchers in tears!

  2. So happy for the three of you!



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