Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This boy...

... who loves when I read him a book at bedtime, and repeats some of the fun words of his favorite books.
... who jumps into my arms and wraps his body around me asking me to rock him.
... who found out a "hurt" gets a kiss from mom and constantly has a finger or toe that needs kissing "hurt mommy hurt".
... who sings the silly songs I make up with him.
... who clasps my hands and asks me to pray with him.
... who comes running, saying "hug hug hug" with his arms wide open.
... who gets this grin on his face when he gets excited, sees me, sees daddy, etc.
... who starts dancing the moment he hears music.
... who gets real quiet when hes scared and puts on his brave little face.
... who smooches his lips and makes a noise so mommy knows its time to come receive her kiss.
... who has to try everything the hard way, and get into his jeep through the trunk or non-door side.
... who is inquisitive and brilliant and creative and a problem solver.
... who makes his mama's heart dance. :)

I am so beyond blessed that the Lord has allowed me to spend my days with this precious treasure.

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