Monday, July 30, 2012

Sail Away With Me... To Another World :: Josiah Goes Sailing

It is funny... the things that we take for granted. When I was young we spent a lot of time sailing. We lived aboard for a while too. There were times that I hated it (wished I was around other kids, my friends, living like normal people), and there were times where it was my normal. But I always took it for granted. My parents would tell me "Some people live their whole lives without seeing these places. You are lucky." But I thought lucky was having friends and living like normal people do. I didn't realize how blessed I truly was to experience what I did, travel as I did, and see what I did. It still gives me a chuckle (now that I live a "normal" life) that my imaginary friend as a child was a dolphin who swam behind the boat and talked to me. Or that my favorite place to sit and be alone was sitting on top of the mainsail or mizzen, especially when we were at a quiet sea. Because trust me, once the storms started kicking I was down below in my little hiding place in the main salon where I could see my dad's facial expression at the helm to know how bad it was.

Well, anyhow. My point is that last weekend Josiah got to go on his first sailing trip. My mom took us sailing out in the gulf and Josiah even "helped" my aunt Dana (see above) raise the mainsail. We had a fun time and though at first he was a little nervous he soon started having fun and even sat at the bow with me and the ladies (nana and aunt dana) watching for dolphin (which there was plenty of). 

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