Friday, June 22, 2012

Project :: Refinish Red Radio Flyer

So, mr awesome one day dragged home this old rusty radio flyer from when he was a kid. He said he pulled it out of his mom's attic. I pulled on the smile and said "oh great" when he suggested our future children could use them. Well... Now we have a precious little boy. and... something had to be done. Actually, I pulled it out the other day to bring Josiah to the pool. I had to layer it with towels before I let him near it. Bryan was very specific about leaving certain parts of the wagon original... so... my limitations were inside the bowl.

  1. Soaked wagon with lemon juice (vinegar is also an option)
  2. Let wagon soak for a few hours to dissolve rust
  3. Use a paper towel to wipe off as much rust as possible
  4. If there is still rust remaining stubbornly grab some sandpaper and get to sanding
  5. Wipe until everything is smooth
  6. Tape edges
  7. Spray with cherry red spray paint
  8. Layer until it is smooth and coated in red
  9. Dry
  10. Spray wagon with Rustoleum clear enamel
  11. Dry

Thursday, June 21, 2012


the LORD is so good to us. this boy reminds me of that every day. the sweet kisses and tight snuggles from a child who spent his first two years in an institution remind me that God's love can transcend circumstance.