Sunday, April 29, 2012

Top 5 Signs you are Heading to Africa

  1. Your air conditioning stops working
  2. One of your cars breaks down
  3. Your washing machine stops working
  4. One of your toilets stops working
  5. Your refrigerator stops working
But most of all... you just start laughing when the next thing breaks knowing the cause :)


  1. This is so funny. We had to have the plumber come to our house three times in the four days prior to our first trip. All were completely unrelated issues that just happened to break at the same time.

    Hope things get fixed up and you have a fabulous trip free from worry.

  2. Satan can be such a turd, can't he? He knows one more of the least of these will be united with his forever family and be taught how much Jesus loves him!

    So excited for you girlfriend. Praying for you and Bry as you get ready to meet your boy.


  3. Better before than after, I say! We'd been home two days with our first daughter when a light came on the car dashboard that ended up being an indicator for a $2600 repair. If that doesn't say "Welcome home, new family!" I don't know what does. We were so scarred by that experience that we decided we didn't want to own a car when we adopted the second time.


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