Monday, April 23, 2012

11 days

The kind of things you do when you are less than two weeks from meeting your baby boy for the first time:

  • go to your bank to withdraw funds for visa, embassy and travel cash requesting it in fifty dollar increments - no earlier than 2007 - no rips or marks, when you find that your bank shoots money automatically from the drawer and they can't do that, upon which you go to publix, sams club, another bank, another grocery store, and in the end only have about half of what you need in the proper format
  • call your insurance company to get prescription override so we can get more than one month at a time, and have insurance company tell you that you have to wait til closer to the trip so that you can have more on your plate days before leaving the country
  • pack, repack, unpack, pack, repack, weight luggage, pack... laundry...
  • stuff formal clothing into a bag all folded up and pray it won't look silly in court
  • bathe dogs so they are clean for their individual sitters
  • visit old boss to find out how bad his cancer is, to find him pale and shaky too scared to call the doctor
  • get final form notarized
  • make homemade candied ginger

not that i know... just saying...


  1. You are so close! I am so happy for you. Looking forward to following your journey. Soon girlfriend you precious little guy will be in your arms.


  2. You made homemade what?? When we were about to leave, it was all I could do to remember to change out of pj's before going to work! I'm so impressed by the multitasking!

  3. Yes, this list looks very familiar. Well, except for that ginger part. So excited to hear more about your journey.


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