Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8 Hours

8 hours. It is approximately how long we spend in our office during the day. It is approximately the amount of time we sleep for each night. Subtracting from our 24 hour day it must also be the free time in between sleep and work each day.

8 hours. It is also the time difference between us and a little boy. When I wake in the morning that 8 hours means the little boy is almost done with his day. He is only hours away from being tucked safely into his crib. By the time I have caught up from the night's emails and taken a breather I look at the clock and know that this little boy is about to be tucked into his crib.

There are so few hours during my day that he is awake, that it really gives me very little time to worry about him. Thank the Lord. Most moments in the day when I think of him and look at the clock, I know he is safe in his crib, under that purple mosquito net, likely sucking his third and fourth fingers and dreaming of... who knows... Does he dream of his friends back at the home? Does he dream of trucks and dirt and superheros? Does he dream about the family he lost? Is he dreaming about the family he will soon have? Or, like a certain mister awesome, is he dreaming about ice cream trucks?

Those 8 hours really mean a world of difference. It means most of my time he is asleep and safe. It means most of my thoughts of him are tucked into that crib sucking his fingers. It means he is 8 hours closer to meeting us and coming home than we are. For those 8 hours that can seem to get in the way sometimes, I am thankful.

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  1. Soon sweet friend you will be tucking your little mister in at night!



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