Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Journey To Healing :: Part Four

My Journey To Healing Part Three brought me to a place where I could not only recognize my overstepping my role in my family, but to where I could trust Mr Awesome to take his role.

The very next day after Part Three, I was at a surprise birthday party for one of my old youth kids and the last bit of this teaching came. I was so excited about parts 1, 2, and 3, that I was telling the story of them to two friends of mine, M and S. S told me to write it all down right away while it was vivid in my memory (this blog is drawn from those notes). S also told me that one day the Lord had planned to have me in front of a number of women speaking to them about this experience (remember im an introvert - scary - hope its faaar down the road). She then told me that the Lord had shown her that I was healed from my fear of flying.

I thought that she was just drawing from my story and making an assumption but the next day I asked her and she said no, that it was done and it had already happened the night before. I came home excited and talked to my bloggy bestie and she told me that she had prayed for me and my fear of flying that very morning and had pictured me flying in a plane and smiling.

Now, since then I often wonder what would happen if I got in a plane. I will say that seeing a plane in a picture used to freak me out to the point of shaking. Lately I have found myself looking forward to getting on a plane and even getting excited about it.

I don't doubt that God can heal me or you or anyone of anything. I don't doubt that my two friends have very close relationships with the Lord and tend not to speak out of turn when it comes to that. But over and over and over I find myself wondering if they were right, or if I could somehow mess it all up. One thing is for sure. I am getting on a plane sometime in the future.

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