Friday, January 6, 2012

It comes from within...

I was listening to some Andy Stanley podcasts recently and was able to go through his series on "It Came From Within". If you have a chance to pick up the book (It Came from Within!: The Shocking Truth of What Lurks in the Heart
) or listen to the podcasts, I highly recommend it.

The teachings were one of those things where it takes something you know and expounds it in a way you never thought about it before. We have all felt anger, guilt, jealous, greed before in our life. Sometimes it comes and goes and sometimes it sticks around and gets stuck in our heart - affecting every other area of our life. As we know, these feelings - however righteous we may feel we are in them - are what hurts our lives, our relationships, our health, the ones we love... Well Andy also gives us the tools to fight against these toxic feelings.

Anger - He explains that anger is a feeling that says "you owe me". In some way you have wronged me and now you owe me. You have to fix what you have broken. The problem here is that the person can rarely fix it. If your father left when you were little, and you have anger at him, you believe he owes you, as he rightly does for messing up your childhood. However, can he ever really fix it? He can apologize, he can turn his life around, but he can never truly fix it. He can't give you your childhood back. How do you fix this feeling? Forgive. Cancel the debt.

Greed = He explains that greed is a feeling that says "I owe me". How do you fight greed? By giving generously.

Jealousy = He explains that jealousy is a feeling that says "God owes me". How do you fight jealousy? By celebrating other people's successes.

Guilt = He explains that guilt is a feeling that says "I owe you". How do you fight guilt? Confess your transgressions. To the offended if possible.

I definitely could see how this has worked in my life in the past. And am excited to use the tools to address hurts and emotions like this in the future. :)

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