Saturday, January 28, 2012

C4C and Delivered

so today at 830am kampala time, our dossier was delivered. praise the Lord - it made its journey successfully. :)

at the c4c retreat since yesterday. so so good. so far ive been through african haircare, the blogger panel, worship time, session 1 with dr hillis, and the movie from light gives heat. also am excited to see so many familiar faces from our cozy lil bloggy world. my fave part so far was definitely worship time. there is something about standing with 400 other women with hearts for adoption, worshiping the Lord in song with arms raised... it takes your breath away. what a blessed time... wow.

I am most excited for our date with God tomorrow but also the PJ party panel sounds fun too. But the DWG time last year... wow... well it was the beginning of my journey to healing... so so good. can't wait for what the Lord has for me this year :)

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