Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Love Joseph

Yes - we love Joseph Watson, but what I am referring to is Joseph. Jesus' earthly daddy. Read the blog below - love Moore! - In watching the recent movie "The Nativity", mr awesome and I were most struck by Joseph. The way he sacrificed over and over for the Lord, and had faith beyond what we in our little lives can fathom... Yes this movie is only an idea of how the events may have played out in actuality, but certain things struck me. And the actor's portrayal of a loving, faithful, loyal, generous, gentle, godly man left me in awe. mr awesome and I love talking about Joseph when we watch this movie. And of course mr awesome will do things to show me how much he can be like joseph. don't forget joseph adopted and raised this boy that was not of his seed. #love

If you havent seen it - Buy The Nativity Story Now about $10 on amazon!

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