Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift in my life really is from the Lord. I am so thankful for everything He has given me in my life.

  • My husband, mr awesome. I prayed for years for a very specific husband. I prayed He would be humble, Christ loving, tender, funny, forgiving, patient, doting. If someone were to meet mr awesome, these very specific traits would be the first they would notice of him. I prayed the Lord would bring mr awesome to me, and He did. This man loves like I have not known love before. This man protects and cares for me. This man spoils me. Be brings me flowers, like yesterday, when I was sad. He leads me with strong arms. He reflects Christ to me. He encourages me. He holds me accountable. He cuddles me. He burritohugs me. He indulges me. He is patient with me. He puts up with me at my worst (which isnt fun hehe). He sweetly, loyally, patiently loves me in a way I did not know was possible. I literally love him more every day than the day before. I feel right now like I could not love him one ounce more, but tomorrow I will wake and find that I do. And so on. I am so so so thankful for this gift in my life. The Lord has blessed me with a husband that I do not deserve.

  • My home. Before mr awesome and I married we were looking for a house to live in once we married. We drove around looking at rentals and when we found a particular home and parked in the driveway we both agreed it would be dreamy to live in this house and intended to rent it. It was on a lake, with a back yard, backed up to a forest on one side. It was a relatively new two story home with a garage and it just looked so cute and our style from the front. It looked perfect, and homey, and peaceful. Well we decided to buy a house instead, and would you believe that this house that we fell in love with was suddenly for sale right when we were looking. Not only that, but we were able to buy it in short sale in a matter of months for less than half of the amount the previous owner had paid. Though at times it seemed hopeless, and at times we thought we would have to give up, but I just had a feeling the Lord had this house for us and we pushed through. This house is not just a house but a home. We are told by people who visit that it is homey and they feel peaceful, cozy, and welcome in our house. The Lord has blessed us with a home that we do not deserve, but gives us a peaceful respite from the world.

  • My friends. I remember about 10 years ago. I was lonely. I had a few friends. But no one close. No one to encourage me, hold me accountable, really enjoy life with. I remember sitting on my couch praying... crying out to the Lord.. begging for friends, christian friends, to walk life with. This was a prayer I cried out often. Though it felt like I waited for them longer than I wanted to, it was actually a prayer answered quickly. I am beyond beyond blessed to have two of the most amazing friends in the world. These two girls were there for me when there was no mr awesome. These two girls grilled mr awesome repeatedly before they gave their blessings. These two girls held me up when I wanted to fall down, and continue to. These two girls encourage me, bless me, strengthen me, and hold me. When the three of us or any two of us are together we laugh, and we laugh, and we laugh. We laugh so hard we make crazy funny noises and often have to run for the bathroom. The joy they bring into my and mr awesome's life is immeasurable. Through good times and hard times, and fights and hurt feelings they have always been there. And they are a gift to me from the Lord that I am so undeserving of.

A) A & A - my two besties

B) B - mr awesome

C) Church - my church - filled with compassionate people who pray for us and love us and encourage us

D) Dogs - we have two sweet puppies, Chrissy has been there since I was 19 and for a few years when I had panic disorder and couldn't leave hte house she was my only companion. She sat with me and cuddled me and nuzzled me and would not leave my side. Without her I would have been completely alone, and those days when I wasn't sure I wanted to live another minute in the crazy that was in my head, not sure if I would still be here if not for her. She is sweet, gentle, cuddly, calm. She is more similar to a cat the way she just lays around and does her thing. Trig is our hyper puppy. Some think hes nuts and too much work, but he is more in tune with our emotions than any dog I have known. If he senses the beginning of tears or sadness he is on your lap licking your face. He follows us from one room to the next always near us, often at our feet. If we are in separate rooms he stretches out his body completely centered between the two rooms and runs back and forth and whines until we are together. This boy... is love. And defines loyalty.

E) Electricity - Its hard sometimes to appreciate something like electricity. But when your bestie is in Uganda and it goes out all day long, it makes you appreciate that you live somewhere where the electricity, for the most part, stays on all day every day. Sure would make being a web developer difficult without a constant source of electricity for my computer, routers, servers...

F) Friends - SEE A hehe - i seriously have amazing friends. Beyond A&A (but dont tell them) there are others in my life that encourage me and love me. Shout out Linny - thanks for cheering me up this morning :P

G) Glasses - I am thankful that I have glasses so that I can see at night when I drive. Not everyone can afford glasses and other medical needs, or live in a place where it is so easily accessible. So I am thankful for my glasses and my vision. :)

H) Hope - Because of the cross - we have hope. I am thankful for hope. Hope for future. Hope for life. Only because of Christ

I) Ice Cream - cause you should see the smile on mr awesome's face when he gets it.

J) Jobs - I am thankful that we both have at least one job that we enjoy and that makes us feel proud of what we do in a day.

K) Kids - there are so many beautiful sweet loving kids in our life. Our nieces, our friends kids. They love with an unquenchable fire and make us appreciate the little things.

L) Love - the love of Christ, the love in our marriage, the love of family, the love of friends...

M) M - my sister - though we fought like cats and dogs growing up, did not appreciate each other as young adults because of differences, we now appreciate support and love each other. So thankful for her and her girls in my life.

N) November - perhaps the most fun month of the year. starting to get cold, thanksgiving, christmas around the corner. love it!

O) Oranges - because they are perfectly round, aesthetically pleasing and they provide vitamin c to fight colds

P) Planning - because its pointless LOL

Q) Quiet - i love laying in my bed in my house, listening to the quiet. though i love being around people its so nice to hear the quiet.

R) Running - I never thought I would say this but I must admit that I am actually enjoying running. The time it provides to talk to the Lord is stellar.

S) South - I am thankful for the south. I love driving especially through south carolina, the accents make me smile and make me feel like i am home, which is funny cause ive only ever lived in the south a few years.

T) Tofu - cause it sure makes vegetarians life easier... not to mention tofu pad thai - need i say more?

U) Underwear - cause they keep us warm :)

V) Victory - we who are in Christ have victory over death, the enemy...

W) Water - cause rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey, and whiskey makes my baby... oh wait. water. the living water of Christ that sustains us. the water we drink that sustains life.

X) X-men - because my sweet hubby digs those movies

Y) yawns - because they are so contageous and mr awesome and i often have yawn wars to see if we can get each other to yawn simply by saying the word or doing it, in fact im yawning now

Z) Zylophones - mr  awesome always says zylophones and we laugh, so im thankful for zylophones for making us laugh. LOL.

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