Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What to say...

I've been bloglazy - blazy? heh. lately...

Adoption Front -
- We graduated our mapp class. Though we are told they will be super busy and probably wont start homestudies until January or February. Just holding Tight.
- WH Eth referrals have drastically slowed down as of late. 1 for Nov, 2/3 for the months preceeding. Just holding Tight.
- Another possibility that we aren't holding our breath for. Just holding Tight.

Thanksgiving -
We traveled north to visit relatives of mr awesome. had a great time being touristy, taking photos, eating yummies. Lots of time in the car.

My bestie is in Uganda right now. keep her in your prayers as her process is taking lots of fun and not so fun twists and turns. praying her and her hubby, son, and new son get home super duper soon.

Mr Awesome is still ridiculously adorable. Time to go home and cuddle him right now in fact.

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