Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I learned tonight...

Mapp class was a lot of fun tonight. Mr Awesome was especially humorous and adorable and we learned a lot about tools for the best ways to parent hurt children. Here are the main points I took from the class:

  • Ignore junk behaviors - some behaviors (known as junk behaviors) don't hurt anyone and are simply reflections of the inner hurt. Some examples are whining, cursing, stomping feet, not doing a chore, calling names... When you are dealing with a hurt child, reacting to a junk behavior is often ineffective and often just makes it worse. The suggestion is to ignore the junk behavior, sometimes averting eyes, attention or not verbally responding.

  • Stay Close - stay close to the child in proximity, observing behaviors, praising positive behaviors, listening, talking, expressing empathy, asking open ended positive questions, avoiding reactive coercive and punishment parenting.


  1. HI there - I think what you say here is very true, to ignore junk behaviour and I love how you say its normally because of an inner hurt. Sometimes we dont think that far, we only think of our own hurt. Great post and thank you for linking up with me today at Winsome Wednesday. I appreciate it and hope to see you there next week.
    God bless

  2. Just popped over from Tracey's, nice to find your blog. Great advice - sometimes the hurt and pain that comes pouring out stands out a mile but when we realise that 'hurt people hurt others', we can change our response and how we deal with the heart of an individual.


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