Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Wrapup & Meet Me On Monday

Weekend Wrapup - Friday night mr awesome and I went to a drivein to see Dolphin Tail. I love living near a drive-in theater and as soon as it started getting colder last week I knew a drivein movie was in our near future. The movie was adorable and better than I thought it would be. Saturday my mom and I took my nieces to the Glazer Children's Museum [not as cool as i thought it would be - would have rather gone to the aquarium or the zoo], Carrabas [way too much fun watching them eat sketi and meatballs in public], and got them to sleep before my sister came home from a date day with her hubby. Best part of the day was a conversation I had with my two year old niece, carrying her in the rain to the restaurant. She said "i had a fun day with you." and I said "me too" and she said "i missed you" and i said "i miss you too when i dont see you. spending time with you is so special to me". And she said "its special to me too". and I said "indeed" and she said "indeed". That niece of mine captures my heart with her sweet loving words. Sunday it was raining so we opted out of going to the outdoor service at church (slackers yes I know) and we slept in til about 11. Or rather Mr awesome slept in and I went for a run in the rain. Yes I am crazy, but man it felt good. Towards the end the rain started coming harder though and the audio control on my headphones started turning off and on which was annoying at the end of the sermon I was listening to... but hey... Spent the rest of the day cuddling, listening to sermons, working on websites, paperwork, chores, etc.

Meet Me On Monday
1. The best part of waking up each day is... hitting the snooze button and cuddling with the sweetest man in the world.
2. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? Probably early 20s... Not that I would ever want to relive those years :)
3. Red or Green Apples? Depends on my mood, but probably red
4. Do you forgive easily? I wish. With people I love and am close to yes. But otherwise not as much as I would like. Usually just in fear of getting hurt again with people I don't trust. I am working on this about myself.
5. If you could live in any home on a television series, which would it be? Hmmm... well if we are talking houses I wouldn't mind any of the houses on real housewives of x. But if we are talking about homes (family) it would probably be the cosby family.


  1. Oooh...... I would live with the Dumphey family off of Modern Family!

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend! WOW...I haven't been to a drive in in years! Thanks for joining the Meaningful Monday voiceBoks Hop! Have a great week!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous of your drive-in theater! We used to have one near us growing up, but they tore it down many years ago. It's a Lowes now lol Happy you had a fun weekend...your niece sounds like such a joy!

  4. You know I have never been to a drive in movie? I'm dying to go too! The closest one is about 45 mins from my house. One of these days I'm just going to have to drag the hubby out there anyway. I think it'd be tons of fun!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by and linking up to the Meaningful Monday Blog Hop! :)

  5. I've been wanting to take the kids to Dolphin Tale. I'm glad to hear it was pretty good.
    ...and are you a Real Housewives fan? It is my serious guilty pleasure. Big time.

  6. yea it was definitely a good movie. and yes. im a huge fan of rho_. bravo every night...


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