Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Journey To Healing :: Part Three

My Journey To Healing Part Two brought me to a place where I found my fears can be subsided by allowing my husband to lead our family and being obedient to him. Just one week later I learned the third part of this teaching.

Mr Awesome and I drove down to my hometown to attend an annual worship event that one of my old youth kids started. Again I was excited to see my friends, excited to hear my friends lead worship, and totally not expecting how the Lord would meet me.

There was a girl leading worship who started praying for the crowd. I prayed to myself and asked the Lord to heal me of my fears. She started praying reassuring things - that The Lord was going to heal us, that this was not a time of war but a time of peace and that good things were coming. One of the things she said that hit me: "dont worry, hes got this", while a duh statement the way it was said and impressed to me was very comforting.

The next thing that happened was wild but taught me something huge. Mr Awesome was sitting on a chair behind me with his hands on my waist. I was standing in front of him singing. My bestie was standing next to me singing. I felt Mr Awesome stand up and put his arms around me. When I turned around to smile at him he was still sitting in the chair with his hands on my waist. Again soon after I felt him stand up and put his arms around me. I turned and there he was sitting in the chair. And it hit me in my heart. Where Mr Awesome stopped height-wise, the Lord was filling that space as if where the tip of Mr Awesome's head stopped he would pick up. The Lord spoke to my heart here and said "i will pick up where he leaves off". I had been praying about what the Lord had shown me the past few weeks and now here He was telling me that I could trust in Mr Awesome because He would fill in the gaps.

Amazing. It was in this moment that I repented. I told my husband that I had been preventing him from really leading our family and that I was committing to change that and be obedient to him. I can honestly say that since that night I have done a 180 and allowed Mr Awesome to truly lead us. And as I was promised, Mr Awesome is a far better leader than I.

While I am certain that God will continue working on me in my life's journey I feel like these three situations brought me scores from where I was. I am excited to challenge my fears and trust God and the husband He has given to me.

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