Saturday, October 8, 2011

Journey To Healing :: Introduction

It is no shock to those who know me well. The biggest struggle in my life has always been fear. As a child growing up on a boat I remember curling up below deck with my favorite blankie, and trying to soothe myself by sucking my thumb due to whatever might have been scaring me (scary storms, scary waves, strong winds, keeling deep, or running aground). My baby sister was and still is fearless. She would sit in the thick of it and smile through it, while I would run below and assume my scared position. As an adult I have struggled with fears of flying, heights, driving, being alone, getting sick, unknowingly having a disease, the dark, and of course fear of fear. To top it all off, for a good ten years I struggled with anxiety disorder.

The Lord has used many things to help me heal from my fears. On a missions trip to the mountains I found healing from things I didn’t even know were continuing to hurt me. He has put things on my heart (adoptions, missions, etc) that have challenged me to stand against fear.

Over the past nine months the Lord has taught me some mind blowing things. I am excited to share them with you. More soon...

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