Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Schmaloween

Halloween. As a child this holiday meant candy for weeks (yes my mother rationed us and took most of it to work) and fun and staying up late and hanging out with friends, and coming up with a fun costume. I never put much thought into it. I was never crazy about scary movies, stories, tv shows, games. In fact I would say my whole life I have been scared of the dark to an extent because that is when I would remember every little detail of every horrid thing I had ever seen or read.

When I became a Christian many things were entangled in my new faith. I found Christ in the middle of the three most traumatic experiences of my life. While Christ was clear to me suddenly, my desperation surrounding those events assisted me in making poor decisions on a number of fronts. These poor decisions took a young woman who always was a bit of a fraidy-cat and at that time gave her full on panic disorder. Like... stopped attending my college courses, stopped going to work, afraid to leave the house, spent most days under the covers... Anyhow, getting over that involved medication, therapy, and a combination of avoidance and pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do.

Some things, like horror movies, and even some action movies... are just too much for my anxiety level now. Due to this I avoid them at any opportunity. At the same time, the more I learned about Christ the more I learned the reality of some of these things from horror movies. Which also removed many of them from my desirable list. I do know there is some intermingling though of the source of my aversion...

Anyhow... that's all just a little background. So to this day I am conflicted about Halloween. I dont want to be legalistic or a fuddy duddy. But if this Satan guy is a bad dude, (the whole enemy of our souls thang) then do we party with him one day a year? Dressing our kids up like him and his minions?

Do we celebrate it at a holiday festival - or is that doing the same thing with a christian spin on it? I mean I wouldn't go to church to celebrate Mohammad's birthday with candy and cake and say oh this is a summer festival. (no clue when mo's bday is)... I mean, if Jesus were a man in our culture what would he do? If trick or treaters knocked at his door I bet he would give them the biggest candy bars on the street. He would use it as an opportunity to love. Would he dress up like a little demon? hell no - get it - HELL no.

I have had times where one opinion or the other wins me over but I continue to be conflicted about it. What do you do? Leave me a comment with your opinion. Where do you draw the line?

Here is a great article my husband found for me recently that really made me think twice about my fuddyduddyness and this one too

Also here is an interesting read from moore about judgment (haunted) houses

3 John 1:11 (NIV)
Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.

Romans 12:13 (NIV)
Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

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