Friday, September 16, 2011

The Orphan Crisis

I have been doing some research the past couple days prepping for a trivia game for our Both Hands meeting this weekend. When I saw one of the websites mention "the orphan crisis" I had mixed emotions. Crisis to me implies something that requires prompt drastic action. My first reaction in seeing that term was to think "overdramatization" "emotion manipulating". Isn't that interesting that despite my research and strong emotion about orphans when I see someone say "hey this is a serious problem that needs addressing right now" my first reaction is "it can't be that bad".

Well if I really feel that way why does my heart break and my eyes fill when I even so much as think about a child rocking himself to sleep at night. I know that this strong emotion my body is wracked with in response to the orphan is something God has put in me. The closer I have drawn to Him the stronger this pull has on me. So maybe parts of me are still catching up to what God is doing.

Regardless - I continued reading and the more I read the more I thought - it really is a crisis - it really is. I feel like because we don't walk past it every day, because its not on our tv at nights, because we fill our lives with enough crap we can't see the world around us... because of all that we can comfortably ignore the orphan crisis.

~147 million orphans worldwide
~33% of all americans have considered adopting
~2% of all americans have adopted
~800,000 ethiopian children are orphans because of aids

Lord I pray you open our eyes. Break our hearts for the things that break yours. Let us no longer live self-serving complacent lives.

It is the desire of my heart to not just open my heart to what orphans the Lord brings to our family, but hopefully one day to be one of the reasons someone else makes the same choice.

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